The Greenhouse

Welcome to the Greenhouse!

We Grow Whole Humans Here.


Super Ghost Distributions (GSD) is a conscientious distribution company founded by a woman of color to promote interesting products, particularly those created by people of color, to do our part in supporting descendants of the African diaspora. We recently welcomed Early Light to our list of featured partners. The brand new wellness product line is created with natural, Eco-friendly products, with fully sustainable packaging. While some items are posted for sale online, you will find an array of our products at local seasonal markets.

Proceeds from Early Light go to fund The Greenhouse, a 501(c)(3) subsidiary of Anomalous Partners, a Black women-owned business focused on generative individual and community wellbeing. The mission of The Greenhouse is to broaden individual and community access to mental health support and services by providing FREE seminars and community workshops on applied mental health basics. While there are existing programs that focus on training the public about general concepts of mental health illnesses, they have very limited direct impact since they do not teach basic coping strategies that empower an individual to understand and address the experiencing of mental health crises. By contrast, The Greenhouse intends to empower individuals within a community with the understanding and skills necessary to take effective actions to address a wide array of mental health challenges.

Ways to Give:

Your generous contribution will enable us to keep fighting for the wellbeing of those in our community who need it most.

Product Donations: To donate items, please email us at with pictures of your proposed donations. We will coordinate a place and time for delivery at our earliest convenience.

Financial Donations: At this time, we are currently taking donations by cash and check, as well as through Venmo and Paypal. Additionally, any tips added to your online or point of sale Super Ghost purchase will be donated to The Greenhouse. Please make all checks payable to Anomalous Partners, Ltd with Greenhouse in the notes section. You may mail checks to: 2516 S. Ash St. Tacoma, WA 98405.