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Super K - Owner

Super K - Owner

Welcome all to Super Ghost Distributions! SGD was founded in 2020, the year of our “Hot Mess Dumpster Fire,” to provide the United States, and the world, with unique, handcrafted items from around the globe. As lifelong consumers of original, crafty trinkets and gadgets, we take our work of hunting for specialty products and marketing them to the masses very seriously. Our hope is to promote interesting products, particularly those created by people of color, to do our part in supporting descendants of the African diaspora.

While Super Ghost Distributions is involved in the wholesale process, as are many distributors, our process is significantly different. We don’t just offer great rates, we offer rates that not only support our sustainability, but the sustainability of every business with which we work. Yes, you heard it. In collaboration with Anomalous Partners, a Black, female-owned holistic wellness corporation that strives for the development of individuals and startup businesses alike, Super Ghost Distributions works to ensure that our partners succeed, financially and in international trade. We take on your business concerns as our own, working to minimize barriers to successful engagement in international trade.

Since 2020, SGD has featured the Hero Collections Superhero Clothing Line, which offers a blend of classic superhero cool and timeless African tradition. This past fall, we welcomed the brand new Early Light product line, a physical and mental wellness care line created with natural, Eco-friendly products, complete with sustainable packaging to support environmental recovery. Proceeds from sales go to support The Greenhouse, a non-profit subsidiary of Anomalous Partners providing free ongoing community mental healthcare through open lectures and workshops throughout the Puget Sound area and beyond.

From the owner: "As a psychologist, and the founder/owner of Super Ghost Distributions, I am passionate about and ground my work on the wellbeing and sustainability of the BIPOC communities I serve."

~ Super K

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